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What's the d-d-d-dealio dealio?!

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tee hee hee!!

YO YO YO to all my fellow Punk Rawkerz! wazzzzuuuuuuupppp?!?! now, I KNOW you all have drank your ovaltine, RIGHT. uh huh, thatz what i thought, now I'm just gonna have to kick 'yo' AZZ! yeah, das' right! anywho.. I be Ashley, in other words "Ahedon the punkrawker of all punk rock" (itz an inside thing) speaking of which, I gotz to say howdy to all my compadre's.. Ramidon, Xenadon, Jesadon, Brinadon, Oshadon, Pommidon, Meetzadon, and Bobbadon! Howdy Ya'll! yeah yeah, in your language their names are, Stephani, Corina, Jessie, Sabrina, Josh, Mandy, Maritza, and Stephani.. and hey hey hey to all my other muchacha's (coughcough!JENIFER SUCKS!coughcough) welp, I live in Phoenix, AZ.. itz a tiny lil town.. lonely =*( not much to do except party, ya know all that good stuff.. I just mostly just kick it with my HOMIEZ! and other people I don't know, thatz always fun.. just meet people off the street and ask em' to chill with ya. hehe, I know, I'm CRRRRRAZY but hey, thatz a good thing, right? hehe. I like to play football and soccer for the hellz of it. like @ school and stuff sometimes, mostly when I'm hyper, when I'm hyper I like to run! I can literally run a muck! me and my WIFE Stephani... =) we like to run all 'round campus.. itz fun, yeah yeah yeah.. anywayz... besides my sports, watching and playing them, and kickin it, I like to spend quality time with my computer.. here on the net is where I be, SweetAngel4714 is my AIM name... and i'm usually downloading songs off Napster,.. I wish I could play the guitar, but I can't.. but one day, soon, actually I'm gonna make my own punk rawk band! we're gonna kick ass! yep yep.. welp, this all is hella boring so I'm gonna go now (*JENIFER'S A WHORE*) laterZ...