My poems...


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here's some of my lame azz poems..

As I watched you walk down that long awfull corridor I felt my heart shattering in two Cause in my heart I really knew that there would never be any one else quite like you. No one else can make me smile and no one else loves me like you do. I know that you love me and I love you and they will all see that we were right in making our plans and decisions. They are not just stupid, idiotic, childish visions, they are real just as you are real. I know cause I can feel your heart beating even though it's so far away. I watched you sleep and breathe, oh so deep I watched your chest rise and fall like like the powerful Great Wall. It has withstood thousands of years of torment and agony. So then I must beieve that so can we. Just take my hand and walk with me to the ends of the earth. Make this a new life for us, almost a rebirth. Just trust in me like I trust in you and there is nothing left for you to do but to love me, to cherish me, and to promise me FOREVER!

Soft..fade..circle around..turn loose and goodbye.
No attemp to look.Failure is king.Are we ready?
Close those lips..Try to lose me three more times.Hush baby now don't say a word.
6:53 and where are you?Run home..run far.
Throw your face in the pillow..scream out what you can't.
Fix that makeup and cover your tracks..yeah your an angel.
Avoiding what games to play..was it "less or more or more or less"?Coward..Wisk away the fear.Clear the air and jump..slide closer to the edge.Say goodnight..it's the final curtain call. Switch off..

i know I know.. only two poems.. but CHILL =)